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New Photo Gallery

We now have all of our 1111 digital photos online at:
Check them out! There will be lots more to come now that we have a new digital camera!
Feel free to also check out the new gallery at:
I went on the Ecuador 2000 trip with Team Chimbo. Tons of fun and tons of great pictures!

New Website!

I am feeling like a wanna-be nerd. I have had for well over 2 years and only really used it for our wedding. There are so many cool things we could be doing! So many nerdy things… So here goes! We will now be bLogging on our site so that anyone who cares can stay informed as to our where-abouts. If you are unfamiliar with bLogging, it is the new nerd craze where you pretty much keep an online diary of thoughts, going on’s, etc. So this is our first one and there will be many more!