Hutte to Hutte in the Alps

We just arrived at the Hochland Hutte in Germany. Last night we stayed at the Brunnenstein Hutte. I gotta say… Hiking hut to hut is the way to go. You don’t have to carry food, tent, cooking supplies, sleeping bags, etc. You show up, have a beer, eat some yummy food, then fall asleep in the warmth of a cabin and provided blankets. The huts so far have been exceptionally clean – as seems typical of Germany. The wardens and other guest have been friendly. Today’s hike was a bit long and involved a lot of snow field and skree crossings. We stopped for lunch at a restaurant at the top of a tram which brings passengers from the city of Mittenwald to about 2100 meters. We have been surrounded by beautiful mountains, green fields full of colorful wild flowers, and had great weather. We have really enjoyed having some quality time together and will have tons of pictures to share when we return to Innsbruck on Monday. We wish you were all here with us and hope you all are doing well.

2 thoughts on “Hutte to Hutte in the Alps

  1. Mom

    So happy to hear from you and get your travel plans. It sounds incredible. Something a 60 year old could do? Travel safe. You are daily in my prayers.

  2. Henry

    Sounds like a blast! Good luck with the summit attempt and have a great time on the rest of your trip. I’m going rafting on the Nile again and wish you were both here to join me. Love you guys!


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