Into the Alps

Well. We’re off! Jenny finished her third year of Medical School so we will be spending 3 weeks in the Alps to celebrate! Here is the tentative itinerary:
June 15 – 17 Lucerne Switzerland for Matt Coleman’s Wedding
June 17 – 18 Innsbruck, Austria
June 18 – 23 Hut to Hut in the Austrian Alps
June 23 – 24 Innsbruck, Austria
June 24 – 26 Zurich for James’ work conference
June 26 – 28 Wengen, Switzerland
June 28 – July 1 Chamonix, France
July 1 – July 4 Cosmiques Hut and Mont Blanc Summit Attempt
July 4 – July 5 Chamonix, France
July 5 – July 6 Zurich and the party is over

This blog is a little late since we got here safely.  Not without adventure though.  Due to some nasty weather in DC we were rerouted to Munich instead of Zurich.  Our luggage didn’t get the memo but we eventually got it.  So we made the scenic drive from Munich to Lucerne in about 3 and a half hours.  We hope that we didn’t get any speeding tickets since we later found out that the autobahn which I was driving 200km/h on has an unmarked 120km/h speed limit and the cameras to enforce it.

Today we were the photographers for my friend Matt Coleman’s wedding to Jamie – who we think is adorable.  It was a beautiful ceremony at a Swiss farm.  The flowers, cute little chapel, cows with real bells, and the fog rolling down the mountians made us feel that we were in the heart of the Alps.  We’re glad our vacation coincided with their wedding.  It was an honor to be able to see Matt and Jamie exchange their vows.  For those who will be at their Denver reception in July, here’s a little preview of the pictures we took today:

Tomorrow we are off to Innsbruck Austria and can’t wait to go on our first hut-to-hut in the Alps.  We hear that the locals like to get drunk and sing all night in the huts!  Hopefully we will have some pictures to share.  Keep watching this blog for more updates and some pictures.

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