Spring Break at 11,660 Feet

Jenny and I just returned from a wonderful Spring break in Colorado. We were able to see many of our friends and do our first winter hut trip. We rented tele skis and skinned (skiing up hill) about 2000 vertical feet over 4.7 miles. It was quite the adventure. Despite the huge advantage I have with longer legs, Jenny hardly broke a sweat while I gasped for air. Surrounded by the Rockies, the hut had amazing views and was very quaint & peaceful. The snow was very icy on the way down and since I’ve never really skied before, after falling about 20 times, I gave up and walked down. Time for some ski lessons! Overall it was a great hut trip. Check out our pictures!

In other news, Jenny is doing really well in school. She studies all the time but had honored two classes. She only has about 8 more weeks until she finishes her first year! This summer she is hoping to shadow a doctor for 5 weeks, possibly in San Francisco.

My job is going well. I’m now working for Adobe since Macromedia was acquired back in December. Recently I spoke at a Java conference in Seoul Korea to an audience of around 600. It was a great experience and I’m looking forward to speaking at more conferences soon.

We are getting pretty adjusted to life in Omaha. We found a good church and home group. And our neighbors are very friendly. Chris & Fred, next door, have even raked our leaves and cleared our driveway of snow! It’s still hard being away from mountains, good friends, and family, but we only have about 3 years left. Thanks for reading, and if anyone wants to come see us in Omaha, we would love it!

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