In need of gardening tips…

Hi all. Well, Jenny and I are just getting settled in our new home in Omaha. We decided that we are not city dwellers and we needed a more peaceful setting. So thanks to our wonderful realtor, Patty Kunsemiller, we found a cute little house in the Happy Hollow neighborhood. You can see the pictures in our Photo Gallery. As you will see from the pictures, we actually have to take care of grass, plants, and a garden! This is quite a stretch for Jenny and I, considering that Jenny is in school and studying around 100 hours a week and I travel frequently. Hopefully our plants and vegtables don’t all die! Please let us know of any gardening tips or taking care of an old house tips you might have… We really have no clue what we are doing. ๐Ÿ™‚

In other news, not much is new and exciting. Jenny studies all the time. She is doing well in school. Her cadaver’s name is Charles… And although three times a week Jenny tells me what she cut out of Charles or what his Chordae Tendinae looks like, I will spare you all the gory details. Currently Jenny is thinking about becoming an ER doctor. I think this fits her personality well considering she actually likes running up hills! I think she’s crazy. But oh-well, I get to retire as soon as her quarter-mil in school loans are paid off.

My new job at Macromedia is going really well. I travel almost every week, but since Jenny has been so busy with school, it is a good time for me to be travelling. Last week I was in Duesseldorf, Germany speaking at an SAP conference, this week it’s off to Boston to spend some time with my boss, Christophe Coenraets, and in 2 weeks I will be in London conducting a Sales Engineer training session. So, aside from racking up frequent flyer miles, I am doing what I love… Spreading the good news of Macromedia Flex. ๐Ÿ™‚

Other than that not too much is going on… We were in Denver a few weeks ago for Phil Mildren’s wedding, then missed my cousin Clayton’s wedding because we had too much going on (Sorry Howes family!), and then last weekend, right after closing on our house, we drove straight to Kansas for Shelly and Scott’s wedding. After Shelly’s wedding we drove back from Kansas and moved the next day. Luckily my dad was able to help us move since he was only a few hours away in Iowa after just helping my grandparents move into their new place.

For all of you who have told us about what to expect from Omaha, pretty much all of you were wrong! It’s NOT flat, there ARE trees, and most of the people are not that nice (except Patty!). But as some of you did say, there really is NOTHING to do here except go to the Zoo, humidity still sucks, and “cold” is way colder than “cold” in Colorado (and it’s not even Winter yet!).

That’s all for now, Jenny has to get up early to study and I need to get get up early and make coffee (Jenny actually gave into the dark side and got hooked on caffeine!). We miss you all and hope to see you all soon. Feel free to come up to Omaha and stay with us!

BTW: If you need a realtor in Omaha, Patty is seriously really wonderful. Give her a call!

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