Home sweet home…almost

So we made it to Omaha and are staying at an extended stay hotel for a week until our apartment is ready (on the 17th)…kind of a bummer, but it’s been ok.  I (Jenny) have had two days of orientation so far and it has been good but really overwhelming at times.  It sounds like the first year of medical school is hard and requires a lot of ajustment and figuring out what works best for me as far as studying and time management goes.  I’m nervous but also very excited for what’s in store.  It is pretty humid here, which we’re not used to at all and of course there are no mountains, which is sad.  But Omaha is actually a pretty cool town that offers most of the things that bigger cities do but with a small town feel.  Our apartment is in a fun neighborhood in downtown called the "old market," where they have farmers markets and lots of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, etc..  It will be nice to have some great places to walk to when we feel like getting outside.  There also seem to be some good running trails near our apartment and there is a great park nearby with a huge fountain that changes colors at night.  We’re also within close walking distance to the Missouri River.  So, all in all, we like Omaha so far (besides the humidity).  James is enjoying staying at the hotel (while I’m at orientation) and working on a small project for a friend’s company.  He will leave next Wednesday and head back to CO for the Wild at Heart retreat.  There’s really not too much else to say at this point.  We’ll keep you posted when I start school ’cause I’m sure we’ll have more to say at that point.  Thanks for reading 🙂

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