From the majestic Alps to the Italian Riviera

We are finally in the place we were most looking forward to…Cinque Terra… and it is even more beautiful than we thought!  Since we last wrote, we enjoyed two more days in Argentiere and then took a series of telepheriques (cable cars) over the Alps and into Courmayeur, Italy.  The views that day were so amazing!  We were lucky to see Mont Blanc when the clouds cleared for a few minutes.  Through a telescope we were able to see climbers near the top.  James wished he could have joined them on the summit…maybe some day. 🙂  The greatest part of the trip over the Alps was the telepherique that went across La Mere de Glace (a huge glacier).  From our little gondola we had panoramic views of all the peaks around us.  It was like being in the middle of a postcard or painting…it didn’t look real!  Our stay in Courmayeur was fairly uneventful, but restful for us.  We walked around town a bit enjoying the views and the charming buildings, but didn’t do any shopping (not even window) because it was outrageously expensive there.  Yesterday, we left Courmayeur and headed by train to Monterosso, where we are now enjoying the sunshine, the beach, and the colorful buildings and people all around us.  So far today, we have just gone to the beach.  Thanks to Greg Fuchs we knew about the one beach around here that is free, so we didn’t have to pay 20 Euros (about $25) for a spot.  We are looking forward to hiking to the other villages and possibly taking a boat ride around the area.  We’ll be here until the 31st, then we take a train to Zurich, stay the night there and then fly home.  We wish we could stay in Cinque Terra much longer…we plan on coming back some day for sure…but hopefully in the off-season!  Thanks for reading our posts!  We miss you all and hope to see you soon.

3 thoughts on “From the majestic Alps to the Italian Riviera

  1. phildillion

    Sounds like an absolutely magical trip. I am sure that you are looking forward to your return. Sleeping in your own bed, eating your favorite foods, easy access to your own cars…but wow what a place to be leaving behind. I am looking forward to seeing the rest of your pictures and hearing about your trip, just like the 40 others that have said the same thing. Safe travels on your return!!! (maybe try to sneak back some vino and brewskis too) Cheaper than buying as an import.

  2. Mom

    Isn’t Italy awesome? Look for Radda in Tuscany. You are not far. It has been so fun to follow you travels and know you are safe. Enjoy the remainder of the trip. Love you, Mom


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