Awestruck in the Alps

Wow…  things probably can’t get much better.  We had a truly wonderful time with the Fuchs family last week and then on Monday we travelled by train to Argentiere, France (At the base of Mont Blanc, near Chamonix).  This place is absolutely amazing!!!  I can’t wait for you all to see the pictures.  It is like we are in a fairy tale.  Unfortunatly the pictures do not do this place justice.  The alps sore over us as if hung from the sky.  Yesterday Jenny and I went into Chamonix.  It is a nice town, but too many people.  We prefer Argentiere because it is cute, not crowded and has pretty much the same views.  Every other shop here is a gear shop and the rest are restaurants and souvenir shops.  The place we are staying, "Chalet Le Marti," is a short walk from the main street and has a beautiful view of the Argentiere Glacier.  Today we got our first glimpse of the summit of Mont Blanc.  We had incredible views of all the surrounding Alps as we hiked out of the valley towards Lac Blanc.  We climbed nearly 1100 meters (in total elevation gain) to Lac Blanc and just sat in awe for over an hour.  Almost 360 degrees around us rose the Alps.  The sky was almost cloudless this morning and we took lots of amazing pictures.  We have just 2 more days here before we (hopefully if the weather is good) will take cable cars over the mountains into Italy.  Life really couldn’t be much better.  I am in the Alps, enjoying Stella Artois beer, and my cell phone doesn’t have service here.  😉  I just wish you all were here with Jenny and I.  We will write again from Italy.

5 thoughts on “Awestruck in the Alps

  1. Laurel

    I haven’t written a note in a while but wanted you to know that I am truly enjoying every moment of your journey. Thank you for sharing it with us. Amazing reminders that the Lord created it all for our enjoyment and to show us how creative He is. 🙂

  2. jimbo-daddyo-louieo

    Wow how exciting. And to think some where close by on the L’Alpe de Heuz stage of the Tour de France – Lance blew all the other riders out of their respective saddles today. Can you imagine those cyclist climbing 6% to 11% grades, over 3500ft. elevation gain, 21 switch backs and doing it faster than most of us can ride a bike on level ground!? O.K. the pics have been awesome… if “Guiness is for Strength”, and “Murphy’s is for Beauty” (I made that one up) then what is this “Stella Artois” brew for…besides filling your Java Programmer-Spare Tire!!!!!!!!! Look forward to more pics. Love and hugs to you both. God Bless. Daddyo

  3. jason

    sounds like you guys are having a blast out there in God’s country. we miss you both and can’t wait for you two to be back here and share stories. anyway stay out of trouble you two nuckleheads

  4. dusty

    I noticed that you had wished we all were there. is it too late? I could be on my way tonight. No, I love you guys and miss you. Have a great time!!!

  5. Coleman

    Ahhhhh! Mont Blanc. So Nice. We will have to go back together and do the circuit around the whole thing. Glad you guys were able to see a bit there, the outsdoorsman’s paradise!


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