Peace and Chaos in Germany

The last few days we have been on a rollercoaster which ranged from extreme chaos to quiet and serene. Here is what’s been going on…
Last Saturday we flew from London to Zurich, Switzerland and then hopped on a train to Basel, Switzerland. At the train station Greg Fuchs (The guy who married Jenny and I. He has lived in Germany with his wife and 3 boys for the past 2 years) met us with a smile on his face. He drove us to his small village in Germany called Tannenkirch (I think). It is an old town with lots of working farms and really charming houses with colorful flowers lining the porches. A beautiful vineyard surrounds the whole village and on a clear day we’re told you can see the Alps. Only 900 people live here and everyone pretty much knows everyone else. I think everyone in town probably knows that there are some new Americans in town. Many of their friends have lived here their whole lives. We love it here! It is so peaceful and simple. The first day here, we went with Greg and the boys to get milk from the lady down the street, which came from the metal cylinder near her house. It was probably milked from their cows that day! Crazy! The schools are only a 3 minute walk from here and there are always old German men and women out working in their gardens or driving tractors through town. In a couple minute walk you can be in the black forest, one of the many beautiful vineyards, or in a grove of cherry trees. There is no fast food, no wal-mart, and only a couple fruit stands that are set up whenever someone feels like selling something. There are also a couple of restaurants in town, which we hear are great. The food we have been eating every meal is spectacular! Lots of fresh fruit and fresh vegetables all the time. We love the yogurt and this amazing salad dressing that tastes good on everything. It is now cherry/raspberry season here.

On Saturday night we got to go to Greg’s friend Andy’s concert. He is a conductor for a couple wind instrument bands in this area. We actually knew half the songs they played and we made friends with one of the trumpet players by buying him a beer. On Sunday we went to church where we didn’t understand anything accept the two English songs they sang. I played solitaire on my phone the whole time. After church we went to some hot springs that were not really that hot, but it was still fun. The last few days have been somewhat of a blur. Mostly we have been helping Greg and Barb pack all their stuff because they are leaving to move back to CO on Tuesday. Today especially was a moving day because tomorrow we will paint and we had to get most everything out. Last night though, we got a break and went to Freidberg, Germany for Jenny’s birthday. It was a really amazing city! Some of the building were built in the 1300s and there is this huge cathedral there. We might go spend Saturday there walking around the city again. Anyway, last night with Greg and Barb was great! We got to spend time enjoying their company, eating sushi as an appetizer and then had an Italian dinner. The waiter brought us all Secht (what they call champagne here because unless it’s from Champagne, France it’s not considered champagne) for Jenny’s birthday…so nice! Then we had some ice cream for dessert. Greg tells us that it is not nearly as good as the ice cream we’ll get to enjoy in Italy soon. We can’t wait. Other than that, we have mostly just spent time taking walks, running through the forrest (Jenny and Barb), picking cherries, picking up Stien at kindergarten, playing legos with the boys, and playing cards after dinner. It has been good to relax and we have enjoyed helping the Fuchs’ move. Since there is really nothing left in the house except stuff they are trying to get rid of, we may be staying with their friend Regina and her family because she was very excited to offer us a room. The Fuchs’ will be staying at another apartment in town that belongs to a friend’s dad. By the way, the German beer is great! Greg treats me to one every day! So, we’ll be here until Monday, then we’ll take a night train to Chamonix, France.

The Fuchs’ move has been very hard on them, so if you think of it, say a little prayer for them (especially Barb) that their adjustment will go well and they will enjoy their last few days in this great place.

Cheers for now from Germany!

3 thoughts on “Peace and Chaos in Germany

  1. dusty

    Hi again…I enjoyed reading about whats up there. I thought it funny-i could be wrong-but i dont think you talked about the weather. I say that because I was just about to boast of the beautiful weather here in Santa Barbara- oh, wait I just did- ooops. Well, I miss you too and hope that all goes well for the rest of the adventure. “Lord bless Jenny, James and The Fuch’s.” Love you.

  2. James

    It hasn’t been tennis weather… Rain some days. Hot others. It’s hard to beat the weather in SB… I think Italy should be nice everyday.


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