Pictures are finally up!!!

Thanks to Greg’s Swiss neighbors for leaving their wireless open for anyone to use, the first set of pictures are finally up!!!  Check them out at
Enjoy!  Let us know if there are any pictures which you would like captions on (that don’t currently have them).

7 thoughts on “Pictures are finally up!!!

  1. Mom

    Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!
    Actually I think I may have missed it due to the time thing. If that is the case than Happy Belated Birthday. I am sure this is one you will not forget. You are always in my prayers and have been since the day James was born. God’s blessings to you. You are a delight to His heart and mine. Stay safe. Love, Mom

  2. dusty

    Shoot, I am a horrible brother. Happy Birthday sis. And James in the England album I notice your ass is getting a little hefty. Go easy on the stouts. Love you both very much. Happy Birthday, Jenny!!!

  3. Jenny

    Thanks for the birthday wishes! I had a wonderful day yesterday…you can read about it in our latest post.

  4. Grandpa Mort

    No, I did not forget your birthday. I left a messsage on one of your pictures. With much, much love always. Gramps

  5. Gregory

    Jimmy D, I did a google search and ran into you. I look forward to seeing you in a week or so. Get ready for some hockey dodge ball the Fuchs boys are ready to take you down!! Jnny study hard it will be worth it in 5 years, Shalom


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