Czech meets Dingle

Today 7 kids from the Czech along with their leader, Barb, arrived at the airport.  We got there an hour early, so we wandered to an internet cafe to make our Cique Terra reservations for the last part of our trip.  We picked the kids up in a taxi/van after greeting them and headed back to Dingle.  The kids were very excited to stop at Inch Beach along the way (many of them had never seen the ocean until today…they were beyond excited).  Tomorrow morning we leave for our 4 day trek along the coast.  We will be back on July 5th.  Sorry we haven’t posted pictures yet…we will have time to try to do that when we get back from our hike.  We love the Czech kids!  They all speak English really well (Lukas and Vera especially).  They all have great personalities and we are looking forward to getting to know them over the next 5 days.  Can’t wait to tell you more when we get back.  Make sure to root for Czech against Greece in Euro 2004 tomorrow night!  We will try to find a pub tomorrow when we set up camp so the kids can watch it…it may be a sad trip if they lose.

4 thoughts on “Czech meets Dingle

  1. Clayton

    Greece doesn’t have a chance, make sure you tell your kids that. There is quite a history behind those two teams…Czech is better.

  2. Jenny

    Hey guys! It’s me, Jenny from Hertford–glad to hear y’all got there safe and sound! This comment thing is pretty sweet! HA! Anyways, I hope the taxi driver was alright–he was quite the talker!! 🙂 Well, have a great journey with those kids…I have a feeling they will bless you guys just as much as you will bless them! I look forward to hearing more updates! If you need a place to stay when you come back to England at any time, let me know! Blessings and strength to you both…Jenny

  3. jason

    Murphy’s over Guiness somebody out there needs a reality check. I can’t believe they gave somebody who prefers Murphy’s over the champ of all stouts Guiness a job at a respectable place like this film place. Don’t you know Jim, Jesus drinks Guiness. Guiness it’s good for you! Just messin with you Jim. Congrats on your new positions sounds awesome. I thought we were going to be roomates here in God’s Country Arvada Colorado, but that’s cool.
    James and Jenny sounds like you guys are ready to roll out so I pray things will be great and God gives you wisdom for the things you will teach these you czech kids. Another little known fact I yes Jason Zaboth here have my roots from Czechoslovakia. I more than a half. Hope you guys have fun, and sorry about the loss for Czech against the Greece.


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