Here in Dingle…

Yesterday we ended up wasting away most of the day sleeping in until 1:30pm.  Wow!  That jet lag is a killer!  Once we got our barrings, we walked to downtown Hertford for lunch.  Downtown Hertford is a quaint town full of inviting restaurants and a surprising number of salons.  At night we went to a church service with Jenny, which was only a 2 minute walk from her house.  We really enjoyed it!  It was great to worship with people from a different country.  We then went to an Italian restaurant in town and enjoyed Jenny’s company while eating a very good meal.   We got up at 4:30 this morning and hopped in a taxi to the Stanstead airport.  After an uneventful flight, we arrived at Kerry County airport in Ireland around 9:00am.  Greg met us around 9:30 and drove us to the small and charming town of Dingle.  We checked into the Grapevine hostel, where we will be staying for the next 3 nights.  The buildings here are very colorful and full of life and people are delightful!  We are enjoying soaking in the sights, walking around town, eating lunch, and catching up with Greg.  This afternoon we drove to the spot where we will be dropped off for our trip with the Czech kids, who will arrive on Wednesday morning.  We saw many sheep and beautiful grassy hills along the northern coast of the Dingle Penninsula on our drive.  On the way back we picked up a couple from Spain who now live in Germany and are on vacation here.  We are almost ready for bed.  Tomorrow we have to buy our food for the week, find some fuel for our stoves, and wrap up some other details.  Hopefully we will have a chance to upload some pictures of this beautiful place tomorrow.  Thanks for your comments!  Jason…no more rubbish (aka trash) posts…we know it’s you!

6 thoughts on “Here in Dingle…

  1. Laurel

    Hi guys – glad you made it and are doing well. I looked up Dingle on the internet and it does look very neat – glad you are having a chance to get a little settled in before setting off for the hills. Much love!

  2. Jason

    So you’re just gonna call me out like that in front of all my associates. For your information I met Stanley inside the Westminster Mall and he and his family were interested in taking a family vacation but couldn’t afford it, so I directed them to your website instead.
    Anyway I hope all is well, little known fact Dingle is where the films Far and Away and Ryan’s Daughter were filmed. Anyway your preperation is going well for the trip. Don’t forget to have a guiness on me at An Conair off Main St and Spa rumor is they Sing Irish Pub songs until the wee hours of the morning. I’ll tell Stanley you said Hi. salutations

  3. Clayton

    Dingle?? As in the berries? Well that does not sound that a lovely place to be…Anyway, it is good to hear all is going well and you are having a good time thus far. Make sure you keep us up to date on your happenings and you continue to keep Jason under control (a full-time job in-of-itself)…miss you guys talk to you later

  4. daddyo

    So tell us about those ‘peat bogs’… watch yur step Gringos. Great to know you are un-jet lagged and ready for adventure. (News flash Santa Barbara…”DAD GOT A REAL JOB”…starting July 12th I’ll be full time ‘Admissions Rep’ at Brooks Institute of Photography, YAHOO!!) I celebrated your safe arrival, and my new found career advancement by consuming a wee bit o’Murphys-Irish Stout’ last evening (the best stout on American soil!) Can’t wait to share a couple of same and a good cigar when you return. Blessings and safe travels. Love, daddyo

  5. Jenny and James

    Dad…congratulations on your new job! Does that mean Loni can go there for free? We all celebrated for you by consuming a wee bit o’ “authentic” Murphys-Irish Stout last night! Only a half-pint for Jenny.
    Jason- tell Stanley we say hello and we wish he and his family were here with us in Dingle. Maybe we can buy some PVC pipe from him to help finance his family vacation. 😉

  6. Clayton

    A bit off topic but I must congradulate you uncle Jim as well, that is awesome to hear!!! It sounds like you will enjoy the job, as I hope you will. It would also be an added bonus if Loni had any chance to get in as well, but I am sure we will see later…I hope we can all get together when you guys get back!!!


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