Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Well, here we are in Hertford England!  We arrived at the Heathrow ariport a little past noon London time after an uneventful 9 hour flight from Denver.  Just as the flight attendent had said before we arrived, the weather was "dull."  After retreiving our 3 backpacks and giant North Face bag, on our second attempt, we made contact with Jenny, a Young Life intern from the states who lives here.  The first of our treks began after Jenny gave us the name of the train stop where she would pick us up.  With all our 200 pounds of gear we headed for the Tube (London’s underground subway).  At the Tube we stood clueless of how to get from the airport to "Hertford East."  Two nice people gave us tickets to use on the Tube, but that didn’t solve our problem.  We resorted to buying another ticket at the ticket counter so that we could get the needed directions.  (Later we relized that we don’t need to buy a ticket to get advice.  Oh-well.)  So we hopped on the Tube and headed for Hertford.  After an easy switch to a different Tube line we arrived at a train station where we boarded yet another train which actually stops at Hertford East.  Everything went smoothly and we arrived at Hertford East.  A few minutes later Jenny picked us and our 200 pounds of gear up.  Good thing she had a big (on European standards) car!  She drove us to the place where she lives with a Young Life comittee family and showed us where we will be staying for the next two nights before we head to Ireland Monday morning.  After a shower and a nap we got to eat a wonderful dinner with Jenny and her friend Sarah.  Things are good.  Tomorrow we might go see some sights.  Check back tomorrow for (possibly) some pictures.  It’s 11pm London time (4pm Denver time), so good night.

2 thoughts on “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

  1. Stanley Fitzgerald

    James and Jenny it sounds like your adventures are wholesome and the type of adventure my family is looking for. I personally am involved in the PVC business so don’t have a lot of time to venture out of the country. It sounds like the two of you yahoos are gettin’ in a hole heep of fun out there. My family and I are real excited about tuning in from time to time to watch the adventure unfold in front of our old Commodore 64 emailing service on the old computer. This is definitely a lot more fun then watching those two maniacs jessica simpson and her husband nick on that ntv dealio. Anyway my family is cheering you on. Go guys go. Stanley.

  2. Mom

    Hi Sweethearts,
    I am so glad to hear you are safely there. All is well here. Matt’s wedding yesterday was beautiful and very hot. Saw many of your old friends. Off to work. Take care, Love Mom


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